Stop Hammering In The Pieces

gray scale photo of jigsaw puzzle

Photo by Markus Spiske on

I love a good jigsaw puzzle. I’m always lowkey on the lookout for a good puzzle but it needs to be at least 2,000 pieces otherwise it’s not worth the effort. Puzzles are expensive these days though. This wasn’t the point of the post.

Life is like a puzzle though, non?

If you’re smart, you start with the border, then group that shit by sections and then start putting the pieces together. But every piece fits. They go somewhere. Your life is like a puzzle. Except you’re probably more disorganized. The edges don’t match but no one told you that so you are stressed the shit out finding pieces where the edges match. I hate those puzzles. Whenever I get a puzzle where the edges don’t match, I get really annoyed.

In order to finish the puzzle though, you have to work with the pieces you have. Eventually, you realize that the puzzle is a shit show and you’re not dumb. Then you chill out a bit more trying to put the pieces together. Occasionally you realize your box has some extra pieces that some jackass decided to throw in but you don’t realize it right away and you wonder why that piece doesn’t fit. WHY WON’T IT FIT? It might take you a while to realize it’s someone else’s missing piece but instead of it being like a soulmate vibe, it’s just the missing piece of someone’s soul who threw a piece of them away and didn’t bother to look for it. The piece could be a stranger or someone you’ll end up knowing and giving it back to, who knows?

Missing pieces might even be you. Maybe you exploded at your puzzle one day and in a fist of rage, a piece went flying out. Will you notice it? Maybe someone else did and brought it back to you. Maybe you’re oblivious to it. But perhaps maybe you will finish a section and notice the other pieces don’t fit so you go search for it. Maybe you thought this and did that only to come back to your puzzle and realize the piece was there all along and you either call yourself a fucking idiot, shrug or smack that palm on that forehead.

Whatever the fuck you do though, don’t hammer in a piece. Don’t force a piece that obviously doesn’t fit. Sometimes someone or something (let’s go into a bit of fantasy) will give you a piece of a puzzle and you’ll try to put it in your puzzle but it won’t fit. Sometimes you’ll realize it right away but sometimes it’ll take a while as you’re building your puzzle. If you don’t though, it’s going to stress you the fuck out and you don’t know why. Sometimes it’ll look like it fits somewhere but when you go to put it in, it doesn’t quite fit. If it drives you mental enough, you’ll start hammering it in. You’ll pound your fist at it making sure it fucking fits. If you never get to finish your puzzle, you’ll never come to see that it didn’t fit. If you’re lucky, you’ll finish your puzzle and realize that it doesn’t fit when you find your actual piece.

It’s even madder when you realize there are more puzzle pieces that you anticipated. You’ve been working on the puzzle so long that you forgot that you didn’t get the damn puzzle in a box. It came in a bag. Just some random bag or box that had no indication of how many numbers of pieces. Sometimes you get lucky and finish your puzzle. Sometimes it’s bittersweet because you finish your puzzle and it’s beautiful but there’s the end of your life. Sometimes you never finish it and when you die, you leave never seeing the end result and those pieces you left behind are either regret or sadness.

But don’t hammer in the fucking piece. Don’t force something that could damage your puzzle or make it fit where it doesn’t belong. Your puzzle is yours and just because someone gives you a piece of theirs doesn’t mean it’ll fit yours. Just like sometimes you’ll do the same to someone else. When some of us do that, we’ll stress out as to why this piece doesn’t fit without really wondering why. We can also stop trying to force that piece in for now and come back later and realize that it doesn’t fit. Or maybe if we don’t think, that’s when the hammering starts. If someone is awful, they’ll watch you hammer, yell and curse knowing full well it doesn’t fit but who are they to tell you that? They let you figure it out for yourself because they’re a twat.

Sometimes it just doesn’t fit because it just doesn’t fit. You can either try and find its rightful owner. Maybe once you’ve done enough to your own puzzle. Or you can leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up and find.

Sorry guys, I don’t know where I was going with this. I had puzzle on my mind, too much wine and I had to write something. I’m not sure how to end this or even continue it. There was a point where I was going to go where there was another puzzle but then it got too complicated.

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