First Post of 2019


photo of person holding sparkler

… Brought to you by the fact that I can’t sleep. I’m now waiting for the pre-workout to kick in so I can head to the gym. Might as well be wired and do something rather than tired and restless.

I made it last night to midnight. It was a struggle. I sent out my Happy New Year burst and went to bed. I had a good ol’ fashioned sleepover at my friend’s house. I brought over my blankets and made a bed on the floor. I ate way too much food.

Things I’m going to cut back on this year:
Alcohol (and mostly drink only soju if I do)
Korean Bingeing…
Ordering SkipTheDishes…
Chocolate (because I can’t have nice things)

Things I’m going to do more:
Cardio (lololololol)
Cook at home
Invite friends over for dinner and cook for them
Practice French
Visit my family on the Island
Film my lifts and calisthenics stuff

2019 Goals:
Finally get my N… (THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR..lololol)
Do at least one set of stand up
Write at least one short story
Dress better by summer
Hit PR on at least ONE of my lifts
… Do a 15km run (lolololol)

It’s a boring list but it’s realistic and doable if I stop being a piece of shit. I’m also determined for a level of babe mode. I know it’s a shallow goal. I wanna like, feel it, you know? I think if I can achieve this, there’s no reason to be modest about it. That said, there’s no reason to think my shit don’t stink because of it either.

Let’s do this.



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