It’s The Little Things…

I’ve been obsessed with Knowing Bros for a while now. It’s so much fun to watch when the guests are good but I’m into it for the chemistry between the main crew. There’s something about it that warms my heart. It’s the same way when I watch clips of BTS or Super Junior. There’s something about the balance. I didn’t expect how hyped I’d get about it but I’m here for it staying.

There’s also something about the way Min Kyung-Hoon laughs that fills my heart with joy. I like the way it sounds and the way he looks doing it. Every time I hear it, it makes me smile. I’m tempted to make a compilation of it for sad days. I’m crushing on him pretty hard.

Also, everything is better with animal stickers. I like taking them with friends. It’s a recent thing I’ve started to do and it makes me happy. It’s so silly but the impact of happiness I feel is what’s good. I used to feel pretty embarrassed about admitting how much these types of things make me happy. I used to feel like people wouldn’t take me seriously if I showed this side of me.

It’s these little things that brighten up my day. Embracing it has helped me become happier. It’s been helping me shed this wall of earnest I thought I had to build around me. It’s the side of me I want to learn to appreciate.

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