I Found My Socializing Atmosphere

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Years ago, I saved up two to three years worth of American dollar bills. It was my stripper fund. I ended up saving up a good chunk. I was determined to get down to Portland and give it all away to strippers. Why? Because of this conversation:

Friend: You have to go to Portland and see the strippers there. They’re amazing.
Me: I’m not really a strip club type of person.
F: No, I’m telling you. You’ll have so much fun.
M: Eh… I don’t know about that.
F: I fell in love with a stripper and she broke my heart.
M: WHAT? I want that experience!

I made it a goal to make it to Portland, just for the strippers. It was a goal that was accomplished. It was stripper fund absolutely well-spent. I immersed myself at the same strip club for two nights and forgot about my friends. I fell in love with a stripper on stage and my heart stayed intact. This trip is still one of my favorite life memories. It wasn’t even a rambunctious weekend. It was just a barrel of fun.

Portland strippers spoiled me. They’re legit just your friendly neighbor strippers and they look like they enjoy themselves and that’s what always makes it enjoyable. I saw a girl legit make it rain from her nipple and it caused a twinkle of admiration in my eyes.

I’ve always had a strong appreciation for the female body and there’s something about the confidence some women have naked, shaking them titties in my face that just gives me this glow of happiness. Them having a good time doing their thing makes me have a good time enjoying watching them. It’s never been anything sexual. It’s just a genuine appreciation and I can get lost in it.

The atmosphere is really important though. I’ve been to trashy strip clubs and paid no attention to what was going on and got stupidly drunk instead. I’ve seen strippers who made me sad and I had to leave the club because I wanted to give her a hug and knew that wasn’t what I was there to feel. I’ve watched cold ones who work mechanically and don’t care for that kind of entertainment. The strip clubs in Vancouver aren’t that great and I hadn’t been to one in a few years after a depression experience.

Until recently.

I went last Wednesday with a friend of mine. We ended up at the strip club after I got impatient waiting for karaoke to start. I briefly fell in love with my friend when he gave me a bunch of bills to give to the stripper. It was so attractive and I’m serious when I thought to myself, this is the quality I need in a guy. This isn’t a friend zone type of situation either because our opportunity ship sailed and we decided to keep a friendship intact. I ended up, technically, getting asked to leave. By technically, I mean the bouncer told my friend that if he wasn’t going to get me to go then he would be the one to do the asking.

What happened? I got too immersed with the stripper and was playfully joking about taking my top off. She teased along with it and in the end, I just shrugged and took it off. Relax, I had a bralette under and it was nothing showy or special. It was a slow night at a strip club and I was having fun.

But I liked the neighborhood pub feel that place had. I wasn’t sure if it was a one-off thing so I decided to go back there this past weekend. By myself.

I had a fucking blast. I ended up making friends with this group of guys. When you’re a girl by herself at a strip club, the guys throw money to bring the strippers to you. It was a friendly vibe. Not the awkward kind I got sitting at a pub drinking by myself. Not the gross kind at a club where they’re trying to hook up with me. Just a group of friendly guys getting a vagina close to my face and cheering it on. I clapped like an excited little kid. Straight up, it was my kind of fun. I had so much fun. It was exactly the kind of fun I needed. It’s the kind of fun I like having. It’s the kind of fun I’ve been wanting to have for a long, long time.

I’ll definitely be doing that again. It won’t be a weekday thing but the weekends seem packed and fun. I enjoy it with people who are having the same kind of fun.



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