My Dumb Movie Thoughts: Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard (1988)

So I watched this movie for the first time yesterday. I’ll be completely honest that I didn’t know much about the movie except that people count it amongst Christmas movies and Bruce Willis stars in it. I didn’t even know the plot of it. I even forgot I knew the famous line from it until I heard it.

I’m glad I watched it now rather than sooner because I thought it was ridiculous and I’m still trying to decide if I mean that in a good way. I had a lot of fun watching it though. Maybe it’s because I was watching it simultaneously with my friend in San Diego and I enjoyed our social commentary.

Here are my thoughts:

  • Alan Rickman is in this movie! I’m so used to seeing him as older Alan that seeing a younger version of him didn’t make sense to me. He just looked weird to me. I wasn’t into it. Maybe it was the bearded set up? Why was his accent between English and questionable German?
  • LOLOLOL Carl Winslow. It took me a while to figure out who he was. I didn’t watch Family Matters growing up. I’m for the bromance that developed between him and Bruce. I was more for the bro-flirt in the end than the (SPOILER: reconciliation Bruce had with his wife). The reason behind the no-gun was unnecessarily dark. Like, just straight adult would’ve been acceptable, guys.
  • That limo driver doe. Not once did he get out of the car even when he realized what was going on. He was like armchair worried. Then, in the end, he just shows up like, what’s up, that was some shit. I looked him up during the movie. He did not age well.
  • THOSE GERMAN HENCHMEN. They were so 80s. Their hair. THAT ONE GUY AT THE END. He poorly shot at Bruce the whole movie and still made it to the end there? HOW? AND WHY YOU GONNA AVENGE IN FRONT OF LIKE A MILLION GUNS? You wildin’.
  • Lol, Bruce. You’re a cop. I just love how he got all action’d up and he’s pretty much like, cus I’m a cop, baby. How did his shirt manage to turn green? His lines are so cheesy. To be honest, I know he was the star of the movie but it’s only been a day and I totally forgot most about him. This is probably why I’m doing thoughts instead of an actual review.
  • Also, he should find that guy he was sitting next to on the plane at the beginning and beat him up. Look where his advice got Bruce. HOW DID BRUCE EVEN WALK THROUGH HALF THE MOVIE? I had a chunk of the bottom of my foot kind cut off once and I limped like a motherfucker. There’s no way. NO WAY.
  • I totally forgot the movie was set in LA because WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING LIKE A NEW YORK JEWISH PERSON? It’s on the other side of the country!
  • The wife was just uselessly added for plot structure and that’s it. Though it’s pretty cool she’s the Culkins’ aunt. And that hair doe. I would take an aerobics class from her.
  • I really thought I knew who James Shigeta was but when I looked him up, I recognized nothing that he was in. Then I also wondered why he didn’t act for seven years and chose his last movie to be The People I’ve Slept With.

This movie made me realize that I don’t watch a lot of action movies and that I don’t think I like them. I don’t think I’m into American action films. I mean, if someone suggests, I’d probably watch. I would never make the initial suggestion though. At the top of my head, the first thing that came to mind was RUSH HOUR. I love Rush Hour.

I still have no urge to try to watch Rocky, Rambo or Indiana Jones. Maybe before I die.

My ending thought: Please watch The Chaser (2008). It’s a Korean movie. Watch the whole thing and then remember it’s based on true events. I’m not writing my dumb thoughts on it because when it comes to dumb thoughts, I’m only good at complaining.


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