Mindless Entry

I’m half an inch away from my ideal ass size but my waist has also expanded as well. At least my body is keeping it proportionate. I think I weigh slightly more than I did this time last year. I’m also more body happy this time around, Last year I was really stressed about making weight for my first powerlifting meet. Lately, I’ve just been enjoying eating and being alright with my body that comes with it. I call it my muscle building stage. I’m waiting until the weather is consistently not cold to start running outside. My body fat can wait until then to go. I also think once I start my new job I’ll calm my tits down a bit with the dip into the chips and chocolate I’ve been doing.

Speaking of the new job… I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited and confident about a new job before. I’m excited to work for my new boss and with my new coworkers. I feel like it’s the right environment for me to flourish. It’s not just mindless, you know? I think this is where I’ll find the career I’m meant for, which feels really strange to say. This is what that part of the adult life feels like. I didn’t think I’d ever recognize the possibility of this feeling. I think it’s a feeling I’ve always been scared of but maybe I’m ready for it. I also think this is the financial stability I’ve been looking for.

Jinro soju is better than the Chumrum or whatever stuff. Especially when it comes to the flavored stuff.

I feel like I’m gaining a self of myself that I’ve either lost or have found. I’m not sure which one it is. There’s the sincerity that I’ve always wanted and it’s stopped trying to equate itself to friendliness. I can’t really explain. I just know that it’s a long time goddamn coming and I’ve worked really hard to get here. It wasn’t about luck but I’m going to be lucky for it.

For the New Year, I threw away like, 85-90% of my photos. I don’t really want to hold onto a past that I don’t care for. I don’t care to keep the memory of most of it. I’d have burnt them if I could but something something city rules.

I love love love powerlifting but I’m glad I’m not as primarily invested in it anymore. I’ve been having fun with the accessory work and I think it’s been helping me lift better. This might be the year that I hit my current PRs again and with confidence and dope form. Maybe not my deadlifts. My deadlifts are garbage.


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