Year of the Golden Pig!

And I ordered a portable gold microphone to go with it.

Welcome to FPLogistics

Not the one I ordered. That one arrives tomorrow.

Do you believe in luck? I think I’m really beginning to. I’ve been reflecting on some personal experiences and it makes sense from a luck perspective. I think it’s something you can lose if you’re not careful with it and it’s also something you can gain even through hardship. I could be wrong but I’ve decided not to fight with it this year and go along with it. Let’s see if I’m right by the end of the year.

I also think my luck is tied to my hair somehow. I’m well aware of how crazy that sounds.

I’m hoping for more people interaction this year. In the past, it was usually done through dating apps (because I hardly go out) or when I did try to go out, it was usually alone and painfully awkward. I don’t plan on dating or going out much so I don’t know how I’m going to get this done but hopefully, it happens.

Maybe my golden mic will lead to some friendships. I do plan on carrying it around with me this summer.

I’m looking forward to this year ahead. Shit’s about to sparkle.

I’m entering this year like a pig but I’m about ready to take it down a notch. I’ve been eating carefree. I’m not about to eat carefully. But I’m certainly not going back to eating carelessly. And this is why brevity is KEY.


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