Shit Happens

I went on a sort of date yesterday that ended in a disaster but in a funny at my expense kind of way. We met the night that I went to the strip club solo and he said something to me that I’ve thought about a few times. He said I’m the type of girl who likes to have her own kind of fun and needs someone on that level or can handle it. I think it’s true. I agreed to the hangout for that reason. I don’t think I would’ve otherwise because I probably wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

I shouldn’t have started the night at home drinking soju and singing songs to my friend on video chat with my awesome new microphone. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I thought we were going bowling when he picked me up but we ended up going to a pub so he could eat. I wasn’t planning on drinking and was going to order a Diet Coke but since he was the only one eating and was gonna order wine, I decided I didn’t want to want to be a dink awkwardly drinking pop. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I figured a couple of glasses too couldn’t hurt. It was interesting to get to know him because he’s been through some shit this past year too. We’re both at this stage of figuring out shit out after some rough shit. I felt him even though he was trying to be super chill about it. I wasn’t prepared for him ordering another bottle of wine and at that point, was too caught up in conversation. If I’m not careful, I end up being a disaster. My disaster drunk can be funny but it’s never cute. It’s usually pretty embarrassing and last night was no different. I ended up blacking out because I can’t have nice things. The last thing I remember was him taking away my gold microphone when I tried to show it to him. Yes, I really did bring it with me.

I woke up to a brutal fucking hangover that turned me into a piece of shit who couldn’t do anything all day. Red wine is now off my list of things I can drink. I’m getting old, I can’t handle these hangovers like this anymore. He left me a message saying he carried me in and that I take care of myself. Well, that was nice of him. I was pretty embarrassed but he was super chill about it and told me, “Relax, shit happens”. But then he told me about what happened after he carried me inside and that would explain the mess I left that I was confused about in the morning. I’m not going to recall it here because I’m still groaning at myself about it. Even then he told me to relax and that shit happens.

We’re probably not going to hang out again. He’s chill but we didn’t vibe. I appreciate that I got to know him a bit though and how he’s dealing with his rough shit.

He still can’t remember my name. He calls me Jasmine and I just go along with it.

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