Mindless Entry

  • I’ve watched so much Korean Drama that I find myself bowing in greeting to old Asian people in public. I mean, nothing extreme, but well-mannered enough.
  • Why the fuck did I discover Reese’s Crunchers? I’ve eaten three bags in the past week or so because they won’t stop being on sale.
  • Last year I was all about the extensions and fake nails. I gave up the extensions because my hair grew. I’m giving up the nails now because they make leg day hard and I’m amped about getting swole. My basic bitch phase was fun while it lasted. It was fun having my Asian stereotypes kick in for me to do it all myself.
  • I have to work on taking the slack out of the bar before I pull for deadlifts. I think I’m going to have to start doing that and then pulling like, an inch or two off the floor and repeating those two steps like an idiot. Everything else is fine. I’m just an asshole with bracing…
  • Glamping is a stupid word. Who the fuck started that word? My eye twitches whenever I hear it or even see it. The act itself is also fucking stupid. I’m already not a fan of camping but that shit is ridiculous. Go big or go home. This is why I choose to just stay at home in the first place.
  • I decided to try to wear way more makeup than I usually do. It’s not for me. I don’t know what I’m doing. I wear less and less make up the older I get. I found it’s easier to take care of my skin, get my eyebrows and lips tattooed and grow out my eyelashes. Boom. I’m not pretty enough for a natural bare face so I do what I can in the most laziest way possible.
  • Oops, my plans are going into motion. This is shorter entry than I was hoping for.

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