Mindless Entry

  • I’ve been having to wear a real bra again lately and it’s been extremely uncomfortable. I have to find a way around this.
  • I’m almost there with the stability. I’m almost there on the first step forward with having my shit together. It’s been a long time coming but it’s just about there.
  • I’m still chunky but not getting chunkier so that’s good.
  • I feel what seems to be a resemblance of respect at my new job and it’s something new to me. It’s a sad thing to admit, isn’t it? But to spin it positively, at least it’s a step in the right direction.
  • The first anniversary of the death of my old coworker is coming up. That came quickly. I still remember how deeply it affected me and I don’t have a proper explanation for why because I didn’t know him that well at all. What I did know of him was he seemed like an authentic person and I respected that. He also treated me like a person even though I probably came off childish to him. I’ve dealt with a lot of deaths but this one was different and I still don’t have an answer for why.
  • Unpopular Opinion: 1. I prefer Touch ID over Face ID. Having to hold your phone to your face every time? Shut up. Also, people can do crazy shit with makeup. Maybe I’m jaded by all those Celebrities You Look Like apps. Also, not a good access if you’re hiding from a murderer. Touch is better for that. COME ON. 2. I also hate anything resembling airpods. It may scream rich but you look like a rich idiot. It’s like.. crocs to me. I said it.
  • Motivated by my overachieving sister, I’ve signed up for a couple of courses. They’re simple because I’m not academically driven but I think it’s time to learn a bit at my own turtle pace. I took a Learning to Learn course years ago and never completed it but I think it’s time to try and apply what I did learn.
  • I like to learn from people who have skills I want to have. Like, the first time I met a friend of mine, I noticed how well she kept her notes and started taking mental notes on her technique and casually asked her questions about it. I started trying to do it for myself but definitely not as good as her. I’ve developed my own note-taking skills that I understand for myself as a result though. Sometimes I noticed people’s quirks that they do that is smart and try and understand that. It’s helped me be a more organized person as a result.
  • Also, in a weird way, sometimes I learn by complimenting what I respect about someone when I’m observing them. It helps it stick better.
  • Compliments are also something I’m going to try to give more this year in its sincerity. I think about the times I’ve had casual conversations with strangers and there were compliments exchanged or even just a casual compliment drop. I think of how much I smiled as I walked in my direction after. It’s a good feeling. I think there needs to be more of that.
  • I like that hands in pockets that squeeze your shoulders to your face with a smile as you stroll walk on the sidewalk, blissfully looking around at what’s around you, maybe smiling at the people or dogs you pass. You know that feeling?
  • Every week another Super Junior member is my favorite. Okay, so it like, rotates between three with background love for like, four. SUJU.
  • Is it weird realizing I don’t think I’ve been in healthy, stable romantic love in like, eight years? The closest one I can count in the time period is P but I consider that more of a caring for each other type of thing because he’s a thoughtful and sweet person by nature. I think I’d count M during our attempts throughout the years because I do think love was genuine even though we sucked at it. All the other ones were a false sense of it.

This looks like a modern one of those x years challenges… but it’s just a pair of dope sisters.


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