Quick Mindless Morning Entry

  • I’m finally at that first step forward in having my shit together. It’s really hard to believe but it’s here.
  • I’ve been having trouble writing proper entries. It was easier when I was working through things of the past. I’d write about the present but things are going well and people generally don’t care for that and I’d just be gushing. Maybe I should? I’m also having trouble conceptualizing what I’d like to write. Right now, it’s even harder than trying to think of jokes, tbh.
  • I’m about to have what’s basically one of my dreams come true and I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s going to go down within this next year. I’ve been feeling so hashtag blessed with life that my gratitude meter is off the chains right now. I’m incredibly thankful for the people in my life and how much support they’ve given me. I’ve worked super hard to get myself out of this super dark spot I was once chained to but they helped me. I wouldn’t be there without them.
  • Bruh, k, seriously, from my teenybopper heart, I fucking love TXT’s debut. Everything about this first impression of the boyband has my inner teenager wanting to draw hearts all over my binder. How does bighit do it? THIS is pop. This is wholesome goddamn boyband. The chorus is so goddamn catchy and they’re all super good dancers and it shows live as well. They are fresh pop as fuck but I don’t know, maybe I’ve seen just how much BTS grew that I think they’re going to evolve well too. One of the boys looks like a little hybrid of Ahn Jae-Hyun and Seo In-Guk! COME ON. THEY CALL JUNGKOOK HYUNG. I hope little girls fall in love with them the way I did with Backstreet Boys. K, back to my real age now.

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