Mini Entry

Confession: I had a hard talk with my boss today who turned out to be really understanding and I cried like a little baby. I knew I had to have this talk with him if I would grow at my job. It’s taken me a long, long time to understand the meaning of vulnerability and how it works in the right hands. I’m superthankful for my environment these days and I don’t want to take it for granted. I’m trying to be honest about it so I can take the right steps to grow the value. 

I will also say this too; compared to where I was last year, this is pretty bananas. I knew I’d get here though, one way or another, because I knew I would put in the efforts and right energy to achieve it and in the end, I would have the strength to. I’m not religious but I prayed for it too. At the time, I was desperate. Prayer seems to work so whatever, fuck it.

Sometimes I get sad though. Sometimes it hits out of nowhere and those times can feel pretty awful. It’s something I’m learning to hide less. I’m learning to breathe a lot better by being more open about it. 

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