I’m Ariel.

Former douchebag magnet/lover. Current lover of dopeness.

Spent most of my 20s in unresolved emotional turmoil and trauma. Genuinely believing I wasn’t worth much as a person. Chasing love and approval like it was supposed to be the meaning of my life. Started my 30s in October 2018. Unwiring all the bad stuff. Connecting with the right people while leaving alone the wrong. Embracing being a woman just as I am without subjecting myself to unsolicited entitlement. Therapy advocate. Living whole heartedly with fickle enthusiasm. Attempting to hug more. Attempting to figure out how to genuinely love myself. Constantly dreaming of singing better at karaoke.

Unapologetic love for Super Junior & BTS… and anything Korean in general, tbh.

This blog is basically a bullet point version of my life and whatever stream of consciousness comes up. This is a continuous effort to show up.

Come along for the ride. It might be fun.