Author: bunncuon

I asked my dad if this feeling of what’s going on will ever go away and he said yes, as long as I keep saying every night what he wrote down for me until then. My mum nagged me about saying a longer prayer but my dad said to keep it simple for my sake because […]

Is this too personal?: My laser hair removal kit came finally.  I don’t like having body hair on myself but I had a moment where I was debating if I wanted to get rid of my pubic hair forever. Would I regret it later? Eventually, my answer to myself was lol, no, because I don’t […]

This form of jotting is way better for now, less stressful and makes me want to write more. It’s easier. It takes the pressure of feeling like I should have cohesive thoughts or write better and… I don’t really have either going on right now. This is open mode, as John Cleese would put it, […]

I legit went to Victoria to spend about four hours there today because unexpected time crunch but shit still needed to get done. No exorcism needed. I had to carry a picture home and now I have to learn to practice a prayer before bed. Something is following me though I’ve been told it’s not malicious like […]

Cue lame joke: The only banging I’ve been doing this year is my hair. Besides my random moments of please do not fucking breathe closely in my general direction because it’ll accidentally set off my vagina, I have no interest in touching or being touched inappropriately. To be honest, I’m mostly content with false hope that one […]