How I Started The Year Wrong With Guys And Ended It Right

Oh boy… This is about to get real…

I thought I kicked it off in a good way. I decided not to see the guy I had been sleeping with before he left for Australia. I thought I kicked an old habit of giving in. Instead of thinking of “one last time”, I thought about how rude he’d been to me recently. I thought about the way he told me I wouldn’t get my handholding and Christmas lights with anyone and how much that hurt me. I decided what was best for me and said fuck it to him. Though, I think I drunkenly embarrassed myself before the final nail. But I didn’t fuck him so it’s mostly okay.

Also, I know how bad this is going to sound but… I thought about how shitty his squat form was. I saw a video of it and felt disappointed for all the times we had discussions about lifting. Honestly, every video I’ve seen of him doing lifts felt like I was deceived. It put me off pretty hard. I haven’t crept in awhile so hopefully that’s changed but I’m not interested in knowing.

After him, I thought great! I’ve got this. I can do this.

That lasted until I slept with someone from my gym. He was quite younger but I got a lady boner every time I saw him lift. Unlike the previous guy, this one walked it. His form, his strength and something about him made me horny like every time. All that sexual tension finally came to a result when we had a hot makeout session in his car. Based on that, I thought it would translate in the bedroom.

It did not. Age and experience became apparent. It got even more awkward when we got into a situation where Plan B was involved. I was baffled how he didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. I didn’t know how to react when his explanation was that his ex-girlfriend ate it like candy. I made him go get it and when he came back with it, he tried to leave for the gym. I said fuck no to that and told him this shit is whack and he was going to have to sit through this with me. This was my first time ever dealing with this and I was not going to process this alone.

You’d think it’d end there but it didn’t. We slept together one more time and it was actually pretty sweet. It got weird after that because he couldn’t handle the feels he was getting. I was impatient. It ended with me writing two letters to him because I am an embarrassment to myself.

Next was a guy I met on Tinder who I ended up spending Valentines with. This date ended with him rushing out of my place because he was incapable of dealing with his own emotions. He left behind a bag containing a bunch of condoms and a brand new bottle of Astroglide. It was ambitious of him. That bottle never got used because you should only use water-based lubes. No one likes yeast infections. I threw away the condoms when I got into a relationship.

Which brings me to the next guy.

It was my first relationship since I decided to take a step back and work on myself. Like, really try to work on me. In the beginning, it seemed so promising. He seemed like such a great guy. We seemed to be on the same page, the same level. Our stories seemed similar and I thought he could relate to some of the more hidden sides of me. He had a son but it was okay.

Too bad it was mostly a lie and he turned out to be lowkey garbage. I wasn’t above the bullshit in that brief relationship either. Being with him messed me up some and I’m embarrassed by how I was when we broke up. I’m embarrassed by what my friends had to put up with and how I let my little sister down. It took me a while to stop thinking about him and how fucking deceived I was in that whole thing. I’ve even stopped being mad about the whole thing because that’s not even worth my time. Now I’m above longing for soggy sandwiches, which is what his personality was made up of. I didn’t see it because I was too caught up. It was my first relationship in a long time.

I learned from it though and I’ll never go through that again. I also got to see him for who he was when he came over knowing I wanted to bang one more time. Then he felt guilty about it because now he pretty much had a girlfriend, which he did not mention before he came over (this guy really has trouble being alone) and we did it anyway. I’m not proud of this but after that, I knew I was over him and I’d never turn back. This is still true.

I took a bit of time after this to reflect. I had regressed and it didn’t feel good. But somewhere in there was a growth that I didn’t see right away. I mean, shit still dragged on but there were moments where I established my needs and my boundaries. I was still an idiot in many other ways, don’t get me wrong, but I was also growing.

This got proven in two ways after that.

One was with a British guy I had a brief fling with a few months ago. He was a nice guy but such a dink. Not a dick, but a dink. He was flighty, scattered and had poetry arms. He talked sweetly when he would but the rest was filled with empty words. I didn’t like how he went about things. I also got uncomfortable when he did express shit when I realized how full of shit he was.

The way to sum him up is how he told me he wanted to understand people and not fuck up in relationships anymore. He wanted to “get it”. He knows about The 5 Languages of Love. He has both the hard copy and the Kindle version. He doesn’t know what his language of love is because he’s never even taken the test. He didn’t even tell me this. I called it out of him when he kept avoiding answering when I asked him what it was.

The last time I saw him I was really drunk. I was trying to accommodate his wanting to be a “nice guy”. Except I couldn’t because I’m an idiot when I drink. I haven’t learned how to control my tendency to get overly affectionate and handsy with guys that I’ve been or am attracted to. I still haven’t. It can get so awkward when it happens. I’ve definitely progressed from embarrassing drunk calls but this is still not chill. It’s happened a few times and when I’ve sobered up, I am put off by myself. With this guy, I text him that I didn’t want to be friends and we should just leave this done. Then I blocked him. His accent wasn’t even sexy, ugh. That day I realized I am done forever with Tinder and casually hooking up with strangers.

To control myself from my drunk idiot self, I stay away from guys I have or would have this tendency with. I still haven’t learned to not be dumb about this. 

The other, at my very sad birthday gathering, where only two (three counting my friend who worked there) showed up, I got to experience something new. One of the people who showed up was someone I was happy to see but wasn’t expecting to show up. I had invited him a couple of days before just casually. He stayed during the whole thing and even paid for me because it was my birthday. At the end of the night, he became the target of my drunk tendency and we held hands. I showed him the powerpoint presentation I made for myself. I ended up inviting him back to my place where I showed him my gratitude journal entry that I wrote every time I see his smile, it brightens my day.

I think there was like a second of intention of hooking up. Instead, what happened was a lot of talking, getting to know each other and cuddling. It was super chill. The next morning was more talking and cuddles. He didn’t just get up and leave. Instead, we went for brunch. That night, he text me that he had a good time and liked hanging out with me. It made me smile.

It got weird after that. I think we were both into each other but not sure what to do about it because I think we both knew it wasn’t going to become anything. I liked how we hung out and I wanted to keep it going the way it did that night. I think he wasn’t used to it even though he pretended to be. I think he wanted something like that too but got in his own head and then got earnest about it. It showed the last time we hung out and so did my drunken tendency.

I wasn’t disappointed though. I didn’t want to be either. He’s a genuinely lovely guy but I realized we should just leave it at how we originally know each other. He’s a few years younger and still trying to figure things out for himself. He’s a sweet guy but we’re not at the same point to handle the same situation. I know it might sound mean but, I didn’t want to be just friends who hang out once in a while. I had no interest in that. I haven’t seen him since that night but I wouldn’t treat things any differently when I see him again at our mutual spot. I hope he doesn’t either. It’s nice to realize in the end, I prefer our harmless flirting and we handled it maturely in a weird way.

Which brings me to where I ended right.

During the last two guys, I started sleeping with a guy I’ve been familiar with for months. I never knew if he was single or not. When I found out he was and even before, I kept trying to get the courage to exchange numbers. I never did get the courage. I chickened out every time or when I did find the nerves, it’d be weeks before we’d bump into each other again.

Call the stars aligned because we ended up matching on Tinder shortly before I decided to delete it forever. I’m actually glad it worked out this way because it takes away the awkwardness of what was happening before. He ended up staying over that night, which I liked. He’s more affectionate than I thought. The cuddles are super great. We get on pretty well.

I almost ended things to see what would happen with the British guy. Actually, I did. Two days later, I had a feeling in my gut that I was making a mistake so I went with it. I realized it would be way more fun with this guy. When I went to undo it, he was down. He was even nice enough to make sure I was actually okay with this because he didn’t want to wreck no homes. I was sure. I was definitely sure.

It’s lasting longer than I thought it would. It’s the most sound anything I’ve been involved with. Not just this year, but in a long, long time. For how casual it is, there’s an appropriate amount of respect and what I get from it is enough. We’re mostly on the same page. It’s not always one-sided. There’s a level of honesty that I appreciate and I think it comes from somewhat knowing each other. We’re both detached in our own ways but we’re not dicks about it and I’m into that.

He has no interest in me as a girlfriend but he’s not rude about it. There was a moment of awkwardness when he invited me to a party of his and I ended up blacking out. I didn’t understand what was weird about it until he started being weird after. Eventually, it came out that I got into my drunk tendency at the party. I took it one step further apparently because I told him I wanted to date him; which is not true. I felt like a twit when he told me and it was even more embarrassing because I went along to dim sum with him and his roommates and their friend without knowing I did this. I also tried to tell him where I was at about the whole thing when he dropped me off (and it had nothing to do with us dating). But we talked about, in person, and it was weird but we clarified things with each other. I also decided that it’s best to leave our hangouts by ourselves.

I like how chill it is though. I like that if I have an issue, I can talk about it. I don’t have that general anxiety I usually have and I don’t find myself overly fussing. I also don’t feel like I have to pretend anything which is a really nice change of pace. He makes time when he can and I can be honest about when I’m in a bad mood and want to be alone. There are also times when I’m not straight up about it but it’s super obvious and he understands and laughs about it. The sleepovers don’t happen as often as I’d like but it doesn’t bother me. I just like when they do. I like that we had brunch once. I like that when he comes over, either I have a beer ready for him or he brings one to share. I also like that it doesn’t get weird when we see each other at our mutual spot and it’s like how it’s always been.

Honestly, I just like how lowkey mature this situation is even though we’re not very mature people. He’s also got good vibes so I don’t question his character. I think there’d be no hard feelings when it ends though there might be disappointment from my end if it happened. He’s easy going and I’m crusty but it still works. For what it is, it’s more grown-up than the other shit I’ve dealt with. If this wasn’t still going on, I’d be content with nothing going on.